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Cowlar Inc. is building a Fitbit for dairy cows.Our team has developed an advanced Artificial intelligence (AI) system to help dairy farmers improve their operations. We’ve built the world’s best cow sensor. We're looking for someone to help develop and add features to our existing customer dashboard. We have offices in Pakistan & USA . Our company has raised venture funding from silicon valley based investors. We were part of Y Combinator (W17).

We have a few positions open in our team (Islamabad, Pakistan) and would like to find candidates who want to be long term contributors to our mission of revolutionizing the world’s dairy industry. If your skills match any of the positions below, and would like to work with a startup moving at warp speed, then please email your CV to . We will fill up these positions on a rolling basis. Please feel free to mention any projects/portfolio that you’re proud to have worked on in the email.

Our leadership team thinks one should have the skill enough to hire good people, and enough sense to stay out of their way while they do it.

Current Openings

- Excellent PHP development skills
- Able to troubleshoot, debug and solve problems quickly
- Strong experience of at least 3+ years working on Laravel (We’re using Laravel 5.7)
- Have good knowledge of databases (We’re using MySQL or an Azure managed DB)
- Must be able to write clean, test driven, easily maintainable, modular code
- Experience with using Composer for dependency management
- Must be able to design, build and maintain REST APIs
- Must be familiar with queues, subscribers and broadcasting
- Will prefer excellent understanding of integration of packages (We’re using Voyager, Nova, Telescope, Cashier, Spark, Horizon and other latest packages)
- Knowledge of front end technologies (Bootstrap, JS etc)
- Must be able to work coherently with front end team.
- Will prefer Vue.JS experience
- Will prefer good Linux console skills
- Will prefer candidates familiar with CI/CD and pipelines (especially pipelines)
- Will prefer candidates with AWS/Azure familiarity(We use Azure)
- Working knowledge of version control systems (We use BitBucket)
- Will prefer candidates who have worked with Slack + Asana (paid version)
- If you are not comfortable working in a dynamic team environment and cannot demonstrate good team player skills, please do not apply for this position.

  • LOCATION: Islamabad
  • EXPECTED DATE: Immediately

- Excellent proficiency in HTML5, CSS, JQuery
- Be comfortable with and have good understanding of JavaScript
- Experience in working with and integration of Themes - We’re using Metronic
- Must be comfortable with modifying and manipulating theme elements
- Ability to convert mockups into HTML pages and understand customer flows
- Must have the ability to follow the latest software development best practices
- Must be able to discover and implement improvements to website performance
- Working knowledge of Git (we use BitBucket)
- Will prefer candidates who have worked with Slack + Asana (paid version)
- Must be a team player and willing to work under tough conditions

  • LOCATION: Islamabad
  • EXPECTED DATE: Immediately

Be able to use Jira / software and understand software testing
- Will prefer candidates who have worked on Selenium
- Will hire you if you have worked on Azure testing

  • LOCATION: Islamabad
  • EXPECTED DATE: Immediately

  • LOCATION: Islamabad
  • EXPECTED DATE: Immediately
  • SALARY: 50k to 200K (depending on experience, skills and how much you can impress our CTO)
  • We hire people on two qualities:
    (1) How skilled they are ?
    (2) How quickly can they learn ?


- Have experience with RTOS based embedded software (FreeRTOS will be preferred)
- Experience on 32 bit ARM processors (STM32 experience will be preferred)
- Strong knowledge of C language (Will prefer if you C is better than your english/urdu)
- Experience on wireless sensors/ radios (Lora experience will be preferred)
- Understand embedded testing (must be able to demonstrate critical thinking)
- Be able to work independently with minimal or no supervision
- Be able to use Jira or similar software for bug tracking
- Experienced in doing code reviews of others (and comfortable with learning quickly) when your own code is reviewed by others
- Be able to use GIT and can collaborate with team projects (we use Bitbucket)
- Have experience with IDEs such as Keil, IAR (Keil preferred)
- Strong knowledge of SPI, I2C, UARTs, clocks(will prefer if you know what is an “eye diagram”)
- Will prefer experience with (Logic analyzers, power analyzers, mixed signal oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and other advanced debugging / logging tools)
- Basic knowledge of desktop application development (c# , java, python will be preferred)
- Have experience of debugging & testing of embedded systems
- Have experience with wireless communication protocols
- Have experience with connecting embedded systems to the cloud
- Will prefer if you have experience of Microsoft Azure / AWS for managing IoT assets
- Have experience with GSM modems and http,tcp,udp concepts
- Will prefer candidates with knowledge of COAP or MQTT


- Will be expected to learn quickly.
- Will be responsible for testing samples of cowlar node from the production line (this includes radio performance, power consumption, making sure performance meets our design specifications etc).
- Will be responsible for developing automated test platforms to ensure quality during production.
- Will be responsible for doing code reviews, debugging and optimization of code.
- Will be responsible for extending OTA functionality via NFC.
- Will be responsible for enhancing cloud connectivity functionality.
- Will be responsible for discovering bugs/ anomalies in firmware and fixing them.
- Will be responsible for maintaining a staging of our firmware assets (lab, alpha, beta, test farm and production).
- We expect New product engineering to begin from Q2/Q3 2019. You will be part of a team that will develop and expand our product line in the dairy space.


- Attach your latest resume and send it to
- In the email please mention your biggest technical accomplishment in embedded systems or anything cool you built in the past that you’re proud of.

We offer a competitive salary package. Free breakfast, lunch & dinner is also included. Most importantly, it’s the opportunity to learn and work on some of the latest cutting edge technologies.